Local Projects & WXY Architecture + Urban Design
2005 – present

Local Projects is collaborating on the development of a new carousel for Battery Park. Its theme of sea life will link the carousel with the original New York Aquarium. The public will ride on sculpted, glowing sea creatures, surrounded by projected media of schools of fish, creating an immersive environmental ride.

This was the first project I worked on at Local Projects. The design of the carousel itself is by WXY, and the media that is projected inside the carousel, both in the animation and in the real thing, is by LP. This flythrough animation we made is currently being used by the Battery Conservancy to promote the upcoming carousel.

SeaGlass Carousel

The ride’s waiting area will feature interactive fish tanks, where visitors can use their shadows to interact with and ‘feed’ digital fish.

SeaGlass Carousel

The SmartGlass panels darken at the beginning of the ride to allow the internally projected media to be seen during even bright sunlit days as onlookers are left to wonder what is happening inside.

SeaGlass Carousel

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