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Sterling Barclay Ely





  • 4 years experience includes complex architectural modeling – advanced 3ds Max & Maya skills
  • In-depth understanding of form, shading, structure, silhouette, texture, color and lighting
  • Hard worker willing to go above and beyond, often working late hours to complete projects
  • Personal Traits: Passion for animation, upbeat attitude, creativity, sense of humor



3D Art Skills: Pre-visualization Animation/Rendering; Realistic Lighting; Texture Maps; 3D Scene Modeling; Camera Work; Character Modeling/Animation; Storyboards

Software & Languages: Maya, 3ds Max, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Powerpoint, Excel, After Effects, Premiere, Quark. CSS, HTML, PHP, Java, BASIC

Traditional Art: Sculpting, Woodworking, Painting, Casting, Videography, Photography



Immersive Media Research – Web Designer & Marketing Consultant (2009)

Built blog-centric website to engage current and future user base

  • Provided new WordPress-based website that could easily be maintained & updated by client without outside help.
  • Advised on new marketing strategies to better promote Vortex Zoom products, including streaming binaural samples of surround sound audio, Twitter integration, and suggestions on how to engage users by helping them with real-world issues regularly faced in surround audio encoding.

Local Projects – 3D Artist & Hardware Designer (2005–2008)

Played key role in growth of start-up studio that designs installations, fly-throughs, websites and other interactive media projects for museums and public spaces. Created 3D visualizations of proposed media designs and researched, purchased & assembled hardware components for prototypes and final installations.

  • Created fly-through for planned carousel in Battery Park, NY that is currently driving successful fundraising effort. Recommended SmartGlass solution to allow projection-based ride to function on sunny days.
  • Co-produced fly-through for National September 11th Memorial Museum that resulted in winning bid.
  • Improved productivity by setting up RAID NAS and Google Docs/Calendar to allow better collaboration and file sharing.
  • Solved complex design problems, such as interactive ‘Black Convention of 1834’ exhibit at the NY Historical Society. Devised system that allowed visitors to vote by raising paddles, while technology remained completely hidden.
  • Created original texture and bump maps, and/or warped and stitched photographs to variety of effects.
  • Consistently developed solutions and workarounds to 3ds Max limitations.

Game Live Events – E-Leaderboard Designer & Promotions Manager (2007)

Built Flash-based interactive leader boards for Championship Gaming series and EA NASCAR Challenge.

  • Suggested well-received customizations that added interest and personality to the leader boards.
  • Toured US colleges with Game-U promotions team to run game tournaments and promote Xbox games.

Building Virtual Worlds (class) – Student (2001–2002)

  • Served on development teams as part of degree course, working as both a modeler and a painter. Learned to create effective low polygon character models as a result of working with limited Java-based game engine.
  • Designed, modeled, and painted levels and environments for helmet-based 3D virtual worlds such as “The Quest for The Holy Grail”, “The Duel”, “Seuss Hide & Seek” and “An Evening Snack.”

Additional experience: Work as freelance designer, creating corporate identity and marketing materials for business and non-profits. Also freelance videographer working for corporate and sports-related clients.

Education & Affiliations

Currently attending the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles, CA

BA, Fine Arts (Focus: Electronic Time-based) – Carnegie Mellon University, College of Fine Arts (2003)

Member ACM Siggraph; Volunteer at Siggraph 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005